Turning Obstacles Into Building Blocks

We connect with families and with students to support their progress. Not only learning, but learning how to learn is the goal. For some children, learning skills to increase adaptive behaviors to reduce challenging behaviors is the target. For other students, the aim is to increase skills overall.We excel at working collaboratively to provide services with your school district.

Epic helps students wherever they are – at school, home, in the community, or in care centers. Our services are customized to each individual client. Epic emphasizes each client’s strengths and source of motivation to make learning fun and effective.

How Epic Can Help Your Child

Epic provides the best practices in education and behavioral health to address all children’s needs.

We adopt a research and data-based approach and are experts in implementing empirically validated techniques including:

  • intensive teaching
  • natural environment training
  • discrete instruction
  • structured activities and routines
  • sign language
  • picture exchange communication systems
  • play-based instruction
  • social skills instruction

All programs are created with a carefully designed balance between naturalistic strategies and intensive teaching and are personalized to the individual.

Our staff specializes in providing services to children with special needs. We focus on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop effective educational and behavioral plans and programming. Epic works with children across a wide array of special needs from autism services to behavioral health, therapeutic intervention, and related special educational services. We provide services in school, home, and community based settings.

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