Epic’s behavioral health services help children by increasing adaptive skills, communication, and learning through evidence-based practices and proactive strategies.

Epic Developmental Services provides the most current, best practices in education and behavioral health to address the needs of children.

We believe in a research and data-based approach and are experts at implementing empirically validated techniques such as intensive teaching, natural environment training, discrete instruction, structured activities and routines, sign language, picture exchange communication systems and play-based instruction, and social skills instruction. All programs are created with a carefully designed balance between naturalistic strategies and intensive teaching. Everything is personalized to the child.

Our mission is to provide children with the strategies and skills necessary to maximize their individual potential, achieve meaningful outcomes, and reach their goals to the greatest extent possible.

At Epic, we believe all things are possible!

“Epic Developmental Services implements the most effective and empirically driven best practices in the fields of Education and Applied Behavior Analysis. Contact us today to learn more about our autism services, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Early Intervention.”